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Extremely Light Shedding Dogs

Every dog sheds some just like people lose a little hair. But some dogs shed much more than others, while the ones discussed here shed a lot less. A lightly shedding dog is better for those people that want a house dog without as much cleanup of the dog's fur required. It is also a plus for less grooming of your pet.

  • 9 Jul 2017

To Declaw Or Not To Declaw Your Cat

There are two sides to the declawing issue. One is clearly against declawing a cat because the associate it with amputation and takes away a cats right to defend itself in any given situation.

  • 29 Jun 2017

Cat Grooming - Part 1

When it comes to grooming, cats are pretty good at taking care of themselves. But because he is living indoors, he needs some help being groomed. Claws need trimming and hair needs brushing. Grooming him once in a while can help keep your home nice and your cat happy.

Trimming claws: If your cat accidentally scratches you or snags your shirt, it is time for a trim.

  • 8 Jul 2017
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14 Jul 2017
Posted By Nick K.

How To Find The Best Bath Accessories To Make Bathing Your Dog More Fun

Even though you probably love your dog they may not love you during their bath time. Most dog owners will probably have to drag their dogs into the bath but after you read and find out more about bathing then maybe it won't be such a hard time. After reading this you shouldn't have to fight your dog to take a bath. After you have bought some dog bath accessories then you probably will be looking forward to bathing and using those accessories on your dog.
2 Jul 2017
Posted By Jeannie W.

How To Find And Choose The Right Hypoallergenic Dog For You

If you are looking to get a dog that is less likely to cause allergies look for the hypoallergenic dogs. These dogs since they tend to be smaller, will need more attention then other dogs. These dogs won't cause you to have allergies as bad as the other dogs you may have because they do onot shed and don't have undercoats.
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3 Jul 2017
Posted By Heidi M.

How To Groom Your Cat

No cat wants to be dirty, and it's up to you to ensure that your cat stays clean. Grooming is very important, as it helps your cat remain clean and healthy. Grooming starts with brushing, as brushing helps to keep the cats hair from becoming hairballs. Brushing will remove loose hair, and help prevent the risk of hairballs. A lot of cats have trouble dislodging hairballs. If the cat isn't able to get a hairball out, it could result in a blockage of the intestines.
26 Jun 2017

How To Groom Your Dog at Home (Maltese Grooming)

Here is how I groom Bear, my Maltese dog at home! We start with a nice bath and then move onto the haircut. Tools I use are listed below. Learn more about ...

4 Jul 2017

DIY Cat Toys - How to Make a Self Petting Station

Welcome to the Friskies Do-It-Yourself Toy Maker Series! Watch this video to learn how to make a one stop petting shop for your kitty! You'll need: - A 12 inch by ...

11 Jul 2017

Angela Kumpe's Extreme Dog Grooming

Angela Kumpe shows off her extreme dog grooming art for Queen Latifah.

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